Wednesday, 11 September 2013

The Imp's Internet Delights - The Daily Mash

Hello delicious humans! I like it here on Earth, in truth there are many similarities, but here you humans really shine. It's also satisfying that souls are more plentiful here and most of them are unclaimed - simply amazing. Anyway one of the things I like about you is the incredible ingenuity that you have. Nowhere is this more apparent than on that most wonderful thing you call the internet.

We have nothing like it in Hell, books are still a rarity down there, but that will change if my plans come to fruition. Can you guess what I enjoy most about it? If has all your finest depravity there for everyone to enkoy, but I'm a modern imp. I'm not just about sin and evil, I'm taking a leaf from your book and discovering humour.

Demons know humour, you can't spend an eternity drowning human souls in their filth without learning a thing or two about toilet humour or irony. Yet you have managed to surpass this in the most amazing ways.

So I thought that with my new blog I would share these entertainments that I have discovered on your marvelous invention. We'll start with a website called 'The Daily Mash'. This is a UK site (I understand this to be a small dominion where my scribe resides) that is a satirical look at the latest news and current events.

My scribe loves it, every lunchtime he loads it up and chuckles away at their latest offerings. As well as satire it turns the news into something almost surreal (not that much is needed to do that sometimes!). To give you a taste here is one of my favourite articles:

I do not love the ginger ones, says Santa

My scribe is a bit ginger in the beard (although he denies it), so this one made me chuckle :-)

As well as daily news they also have Psychic Bob, although my weekly horrorscopes are obviously much better!

The Agony Aunt feature is also quite amusing, maybe I should do an 'Ask The Imp' feature here, what do you think?

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