Sunday 15 September 2013

Imp Rhymes - Baa, Baa, Yellow Imp

Some time ago my scribe wrote a drabble called Imp Rhymes where he recounted a children's nursery rhyme, if you haven't read it then you can read that and the other drabbles he's written about me here. He didn't really believe that we had nursery rhymes in Hell and to be honest he's right on that one, but it did get me thinking, what if we did?

Life as a young imp is hard, you'll find out when you read 'The Imp of Destiny' in the upcoming 'Off the KUF' anthology. I think my scribe has done a pretty good job telling that story, but that doesn't mean I can't imagine what it would have been like growing up like a human child.

Well I am a muse and how hard can writing be? My scribe does it all the time, but these are going to be all me. So with great fanfare let me present my new feature, Imp Rhymes and the first rhyme will be the old classic 'Baa, baa, yellow imp':

Baa, baa, yellow imp,
Have you any souls?
Yes, lord, yes, lord,Three damned fools;
One for you master,
And one for the dark lord,
And one for the little imp
Who suffers from growing pains.

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