Wednesday 18 September 2013

The Imp's Internet Delights - The Best Page in the Universe

Last week I told you about my first Internet Delight, The Daily Mash, a site that both my scribe and I enjoy at lunchtimes. Today I bring you a site that we enjoy less frequently, but we always look forward to his latest updates.

Maddox is one of those superior humans, his sarcasm drips with every word, but not in a clumsy, brutish way. No, instead his words lash with a barbed wit that entertains me greatly. Even better are the occasions when less enlightened denizens of the internet attempt to engage him in combat. Not true combat you understand, but the end is still merciless.

What I also appreciate about Maddox's website is the simplicity of it. The design has remain essentially unchanged in the years that he has run it. He also delights in crude yet amusing drawings, pictures almost ironic when you consider one of his most famous early posts was the criticism of young children's drawings:

In fairness his writing has evolved since that old post, but his razor insight has remained the same. There is a special place in Hell already prepared for Maddox, but I'm sure he'll keep us entertained, for as long as his spirit remains that is.

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